Scorn vs scorn

I don’t see how by any stretch of imagination, choosing to not have kids could be considered selfish.  If anything I believe it to be the other way round; bringing a new life into the world with not even half a plan for the cost, putting pressure on natural resources, all because of the expectation.

I am a hypocrite however, due to be being a parent but it is what I always wanted. And as for having half a plan, there’s always been one albeit subconscious and probably from childhood.  But this hypocrisy, I feel, only does more to qualify me to say that no-one should feel the peer-pressure that listens for the pitter-patter of tiny feet.  Leave the dirty work to crazy mugs like myself.   The human race won’t go extinct and if so, under what scenario would it ever matter?  The parents want grandkids? £√¢€ them, they should have made you more siblings.

Family-friendly aeroplanes

As above, plus all the cool stuff like hotels, movies, low-volume gigs, soft-play areas everywhere.  Some might say [Gallagher 1995] that any public place is somewhat family-friendly.  Maybe it is, if the surrounding 50 meter radius of people happen to be deaf and dirty looks is your bag.  There’s a long way to go, especially in England at least for this gaping hole in the market.

To ‘wordpress’ some thoughts away

I thought the stationary typing cursor on the left of my tablet’s “keyboard” was a crack in the screen.  Scary.

Google becomes a verb, etc. hoover, Sellotape. Vax was close and from what I can recall from the commercials, Dyson appear to be looking for the spoils.

  • Enter Vack:  an abbreviation of the correct term, vacuum cleaner.  I don’t think it’s been taken yet. Nothing particularly clever, just a corporate highjacking of the already-in-use verb, Vac

Guns that can’t shoot their owners

I thought I was on to it, coming up with what turns out to be Smart Guns plus the additional feature that prevents a gun from being fired at its owner.

Basically I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have a gun that you can’t shoot yourself with and also can’t be used by anyone other than the owner.  The second part of that sentence is already on the cards but the first was inspired by following line of thinking:  What if it was impossible for the typical mass-shooter to kill themselves?  Maybe it disables itself once pointed at the owner?  That way every purpotrator would risk facing the music for their crimes so long the Police manage to avoid killing them. 

Don’t ask me how the technology would make this possible though.

My train of thought really is, how do we beat the murder-suicide type person?  I think you can fathom doing just about anything with the knowledge that immediately afterwards, you get to disappear. How do we beat that sort of opponent?


The existence of this blog is inspired by a string of verbal diarrhoeas normally endured by those within ten metres of me.  If it is not a business idea it’s a political position; it doesn’t seem to matter whether the recipient is interested or not.  It is hope. It is comfort. It is fantasy. And in advance, I’m sorry.